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Wandering in Ubud Market

The ceramic studio was closed Sunday so I made my way via motor bike (clinging to the back of the driver like a burr) to the center of Ubud to explore the art market and do a bit of shopping.

What a cacophony of of color and texture and sound... the sheer number of things! Woven baskets, silk robes, sarongs, wooden bowls, spoons and cutting boards. Lingams (key chains and bottle openers mostly). Rings, bangles, bracelets... pendants of various stone and shape. Incense and incense holders in all kinds of shapes. Sculpture! Masks! Bargaining was the order of the day - and I had fun and found some nice things to bring home - which will remind me of my time here in Bali.

I headed back to Devi's Place on foot - and a 2.5 km walk while carrying a full backpack at the hottest time of day might not have been the best idea ever - I still enjoyed it though.

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