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Gaya Ceramic Arts Center is a special place indeed. Aside from the obvious allure of its location in Ubud, Bali - the community feeling is amazing and really welcoming. Hillary Kane, the staff and studio techs - Jen and Emily in particular - were so helpful and genuine.The warmth and fellowship extended to even transient folk like myself was truly wonderful - and so very appreciated!

There was an international assortment of artists working as part of the community - Canada and Australia were particularly well represented - but also Denmark, England, and others too. Strong bonds can form in a supportive community like this - and they did.

I came with a germ of an idea to work on a portion of installation work conceived and initiated back in Brooklyn. My idea has evolved a bit due to my time here - I originally was envisioning a series of separate works based on the elements of earth, water, air and fire...and how our (humanity's) relationship with these elements has shifted in the age of the Anthropocene. I saw each piece existing on its own and executed separately. But something about working here - both at Gaya CAC and in connecting with the Balinese spirit - has refined my thinking about this... and it's likely now that this work will be a singular expression. A single unified work - still relational to humanity but also among the elements themselves.

I very much enjoyed my five days of intensive clay work - many bats of 'buttons' - will hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you, Gaya Ceramic Arts Center! I can't wait to come back!

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