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Lois Gallagher

Ceramic artist and maker

Creative work is my passion - for all that I toiled away at  what others may term a "real job." I have always been at my best when I am flexing my creative muscles - crafting new narratives, releasing inspiration from clay, exploring emotions though colors and fibers... It all lights me up.

I came to clay in my 30s - after focusing my creative energy on writing  poetry after getting an MA in the mid '90s. I discovered pottery in 2002 and fell in love (became obsessed, really) with the discipline, the material and its processes. Balance is essential, and for me, forms a kind of meditation.

I primarily work with mid-fired stoneware, making a range of table and decorative wares. I also do raku firing - and have recently purchased a used gas kiln that I am excited about - it will permit me to explore reduction glazes.

I bring spiritual intentionality to my artistic practice. I'm particularly interested in exploring how hand made things help people connect with themselves, with the natural world, and community. This has led me to explore the creation of ritual objects and shamanic tools.

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