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Sometimes you know where you are headed, sometimes you are surpised.

The roads here are sometimes nearly paths. Its a bit confusing for a Brooklyn girl to make sense of - at one point I found myself negotiating a kind of scary "stairway" path - with steps so tall I wasn't sure I'd be able to scramble down (at least gravity was working with me!) - but I made it.

It got me thinking about how we make our way in the world and how paths are sometimes meandering - leading to places that were not necessarily planned. It made me wonder why I love getting lost... I remember before GPS, my partner and I would drive in the Catskill Mountains with the objective to get lost - and use maps (in books! made out of paper!) to find a way back to more familiar roads...

Here in Bali, a new place for me, I embrace this feeling - the wonder of having no expectations. And even though there is a bit more comfort via my phone's access to GPS data, there is a thrill, wondering what may be around the next bend. Will I come across a person who will delight me with their story? Will I see an unexpected vista? Or will there be a barrier, requiring careful negotiation and balance to find a way through? The process of finding the destination becomes as important as the destination itself. I think new places reinforce that message: to not get so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the path itself.

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